Flooring Estimating & Takeoffs.

We offer commercial & residential flooring quantity estimating service that gives commercial or residential flooring contractors a hassle free and cost effective experience of bid management.

Included Features

Achieve all your bid management & estimating goals and aspirations with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

  • We cover all types of flooring works i.e. carpets, LVT, VCT, rubber flooring, wooden flooring, laminate, tiling etc.
  • We provide estimates for almost every commercial project types i.e. shopping malls, hospitals, schools, airports, offices, hotels, restaurants & more.
  • We provide estimates for almost every Residential project types i.e. apartments, mansions, condominium, studio flats, facilities, home improvements & more.
  • Our deliverable includes, software source file, color coded, excel sheets, project working documents.
  • 24/7 support plus weekend support for urgent bid filling.
  • most accurate & qualitative estimates at most affordable & competitive costs.

Our Priorities.

We focus on providing service that really add value to our associate’s business, our priorities are to make sure our estimates are qualitative & accurate and everything out of a contractor’s scope is covered, We’re fully organized in managing multiple bids simultaneously with our fast turnarounds as per bid due dates & deadlines, Any sort of confidential details & data of is kept in-house & limited to only those working on it, our vision & aim is to revolutionize the pre-construction industry with top quality estimates at most affordable costs to help our partners save more.

Quality & Accuracy

Our estimates are 99.99% accurate, in-depth knowledge & working experience of trade & division is required to put together a job, our estimators are well trained & having extensive knowledge of respected trades, divisions & software to deliver qualitative & accurate quantity takeoffs, if you would like to check quality & accuracy of our takeoffs let’s send us test project now.


It takes us around 24-48 hours to put together a detailed estimate. although we deliver takeoffs per bid due & given deadlines, if you would like to check quality & accuracy of our takeoffs let’s send us test project now.


We make sure any sort of confidential details, data & drawings are kept in-house and limited to the assigned professionals only, contact us to know more about our process.


We offer quality services at the most affordable & competitive costs, our aim is to make sure every contractor can grow & save more by getting us involved in the bidding, for more information about our services charges please send us a price request.